Wednesday, June 17, 2020

Happy Summer, RES!

Third, Fourth Graders!  From all of us at RES, we wish you the best summer ever!

Monday, June 15, 2020

Fairy Tale Anthology

During this time of distance learning, third graders spent many weeks watching videos of lessons, workshopping their stories at home, and creating amazing fairy tales!  Students were given many choices throughout this unit: to write adaptations of fairy tales, to write in notebooks, to write and publish as a document, or even to publish in a story book creator application!  The result: MAGIC that truly captures the unique qualities of each writer!  Enjoy!

End of the Year Celebration!

While we can't gather together and celebrate the end of our year as we would like to, we still wanted to take just a few minutes to reflect on ALL that we have learned and experienced together in this crazy year!   We will miss you!!!

Advice to Next Year's Third Grade Class

Wednesday, June 10, 2020

Virtual Field Trip: Lake Champlain Maritime Museum

Lake Champlain is a treasure trove of history and most of us would never even know!  The Lake Champlain Maritime Museum (at Basin Harbor in Vergennes) is a wonderful place to discover the history of our lake and all of the mysteries hidden beneath the surface!

While you're staying socially distant this summer, try exploring underwater shipwrecks and learning even more about the history of our lake.  

Check out the website here:

Thursday, June 4, 2020

Friday's Celebration....Build a Fort Day

Students can build a fort either outside or inside for Friday!  It would be super cool to see them all in their forts for our Friday meeting! 

Tuesday, May 26, 2020

RES School Parade Video

THANK YOU all for coming out to see us last week.  Your smiles, waves & signs were definitely the highlight for each of us!  We miss you terribly!

Thursday, May 14, 2020

RES Teacher Parade

RES Teacher Car Parade!
WHEN: Thursday, May 21st-starting at R.E.S. at 1:00

WHERE: Main roads throughout Richmond.
If you live on a side road you will want to come to the main road so we don’t miss you! 

WHAT: RES teachers will be chanting, cheering, and honking from our cars. 

We would love to see your waves, signs, posters, and hear you make some noise!
You can wear your R.E.S. gear or purple and yellow!

PLEASE NOTE: It is important for us to be mindful of social distancing and safety during this time.
Please do not approach the cars as they drive past.
Please follow all social distancing and safety guidelines provided by the state of Vermont. 

Tuesday, May 5, 2020

Children's Book Week on Epic

Clip art children reading | Clipart library - Free Clipart Images
        Epic has partnered with Every Child a Reader this week to bring new books and collections that kids love!  Some of the high-interest books are in audio, as well.  Check out the link and keep hitting load more to see all the great books added.

Friday, April 24, 2020

Thanks from the USNS Comfort!

Image from:

Third and fourth graders were given an opportunity to write to nurses serving on the USNS Comfort in New York's Harbor during this pandemic to thank them for their service.  Lt. Margaret Taylor is the cousin of one of our RES third graders.  She says,

 I wanted to also thank you for sending my mailing address to Robert’s classmates & friends in Vermont. We love all the artwork & fun cards. They have brought joy to our ward. We look forward to mail call during the week to see if there are any new letters with fun jokes, cartoon stories, or drawings. We have posted them around the nurses station. The patients are able to appreciate them too as they walk around. I hope to be able to write some of them back as soon... 

Attached is a picture of some of my coworkers showing their appreciation. Just know that we are smiling under our masks. I hope you and the family are doing well, keeping safe and sane. 

Much love,
Cousin Margaret 

Lt. Margaret Taylor with pictures & letters from 3rd & 4th Graders

Nurses serving on the USNS Comfort.

Tuesday, April 21, 2020

Be a Summer Slugger!

Love baseball?  Want to challenge yourself this summer WHILE continuing to learn and practice reading, writing & math skills?   Check this program out:

MLB Summer Slugger Learning Program

Note: While the age range is 8-11 years old, the content is geared for students finishing grade 4.  Most of the work is likely accessible, there will be some work that will be challenging for third graders to complete (three-digit multiplication, among other topics!).  

Sunday, April 19, 2020

First Aid for Feelings (from Scholastic)

We wanted to share with you a free resource from Scholastic & the Yale Child Study Center to help navigate and cope during this time.  The letter below gives more information about the development of this resource.  More information and a downloadable workbook can be found here.

Dear Families,

This is a stressful time for families and children. We want to give comforting answers, yet we are looking for comfort ourselves. At a time when we all need hugs and closeness, we are asked to maintain distance.

We’ve designed this workbook to be used flexibly so you can bridge the gaps created by our changing circumstances. Share it with your child for activities and as a conversational tool. You can also encourage an older child to work with a younger sibling, or go to a calming corner and reflect independently.

We believe that your family will form bonds through these shared activities that lead to greater resilience. And we hope that the emotional resources your children develop will serve them well in this time of crisis, and in months and years ahead.

It is our deepest hope that you find strength together. Please reach out to us with questions, and let us know how you are doing.

Our very best,

Denise Daniels RN, MS
Creator of The Moodsters, child development expert

Karen Baicker
Executive Director
Yale Child Study Center–Scholastic Collaborative for Child & Family Resilience

Tuesday, April 14, 2020

PJ Day Celebration Friday

Displaying pajama-day.jpg

This Friday's Celebration is PJ Day! Share a picture (1) or a short video (under 30 seconds) with Mrs. Touchette ( or Ms. Spaulding ( on Friday by 3:00 PM to be included in our virtual, video celebration!!

Friday, April 10, 2020

CCE Florida Virtual Creativity

Some of you may remember Mrs. Ankerson, she taught at RES for several years before moving to Florida with her family in 2018.  Currently, she is the Arts Integration Curriculum Specialist working with teaching artists as they design lessons for their Artists-in-Residency programs in the Palm Beach County schools.

Schools in Florida have also closed, but that doesn't mean that the Arts have to stop!  Check out these activities and lessons, many using simple household materials (toilet paper rolls anyone?)...Check it out!

Tuesday, April 7, 2020

School Wide Celebration FRIDAY (4/10) -- Pet Day!

Mrs. T reminds us of our schoolwide expectations and how we can continue to follow them at home. And tells us about the next school wide celebration -- check it out!

Friday, April 3, 2020

More Cartooning Resources!

Friends!  Fantastic news...Toon Books is providing a TON of valuable cartooning tools on their website.  You can now access:

  • Comics: Easy as ABC --> This one of the books we used in class when making our graphic novels in the fall.
  • Professor Garfield Toon Book Reader --> Read (or listen to) a variety of fun, comic books!  You can even listen in multiple languages...check it out!
  • A couple of cartoon makers (there are options for one-panel & three panel)
  • Crafts, puppets, and more!

Thursday, April 2, 2020

Tomorrow's Big Reveal

At some point Friday, you and your child will receive a learning template from us.  This will be our format moving forward to help organize the essential learning and activities for students.  We will include a video to show everyone how to best utilize this.
Our goal for the next two weeks is to establish learning routines and allow students to be more comfortable (and ourselves) utilizing long-distance learning.  This is really important!  We don't want students feeling uncomfortable using a new format and also trying to learn new skills and concepts.
Our goal will be to post this in our blog, in an email to families, and to students via Google Classroom.  Every Friday moving forward, your families can expect a new template so that when ready, you can plan and schedule out your following week.

As always, Tonya and I are always here to help and support you and your families.  Anything you need, just ask!  We miss being in the classroom with your children.  It's okay if there is a day that your child wants to just reach out to chat via video.  We are here for them!  You are not alone as we are all in this together!
:)Marie and Tonya

Wednesday, April 1, 2020

Family Wellness Website

The nurses of MMUUSD have gathered resources for students and families as we navigate this time in our community.  Please check out the new webpage here

If you or your family are in need of support, you may always reach out to RES Nurse Jen Hadley. 

Friday, March 27, 2020

Cartooning and drawing and comics, oh my!

<a href="">Comic Book Clipart</a>

There are sooo many wonderful opportunities to interact and learn from children's book illustrators, graphic novelists, and authors and we wanted to share them with all of you.  This is a perfect opportunity to take a "course" from one of these instructors and improve your skills -- perhaps it could be a family learning project even!

  • Lunch Doodles with Mo Willems -- The author/illustrator of the Elephant & Piggie and Pigeon books invites us to join him every day at lunch for a new activity.  The activities are archived for access later, too.  New episodes arrive every day at 1:00 ET.
  • Draw Everyday with JKK -- Author/illustrator of the "Lunch Lady" series and "Hey, Kiddo" provides daily drawing lessons on YouTube Live (archived after).  These lessons will have one focus for the week which continues to build skills each day.  Special guests will appear on occasion, too.  New episodes everyday at 2:00 ET.
  • Ed Emberley's Drawing Blog -- This is a great spot if you are just looking to learn how to draw specific items.  Posts include "thumbprint" drawings, too.  Check it out!
  • Jarrett Lerner's Comic Activities -- A plethora of activities are available on Jarrett's site.  (Jarrett is a Massachusetts author and graphic novelist -- he's been to Vermont several times for workshops & events.)  Activities include blank comic book pages and "finish this comic" activities to encourage creativity.  Bonus: Share your comics with him and he might even post on his social media accounts!

Wednesday, March 25, 2020

ICYMI: Family Distance Learning Survey

As MMUUSD navigates our move to distance learning, we want to be sure that we are meeting the needs of each of our students and their families.  IF you have not already seen this survey via district email, please take just a moment to fill it out.  It will help us to better meet your needs as we continue to make plans.  Distance Learning Survey

Thank you!

Epic Books Online

Epic Books!

One resource available to our students during this dismissal is Epic Books.  Hopefully, you (parents) have received an invitation from Epic to create a home account for your child that connects to our classroom account.  If not, please reach out and let us know the email address you'd like the invitation sent!

For now, students can get on and and listen to a wide variety of books and become familiar with the platform and the nuance of e-reading.

Eventually, we may "assign" collections of books for students to read that correspond to learning in our virtual class.  We'll let you know when this happens.

Keep reading!

Classroom Codes:
Mrs. Ayer: dnl3223
Mrs. Girouard: evr8530

Tuesday, March 24, 2020

Mystery Doug and Scholastic Learn From Home

Students have loved watching the weekly Mystery Doug science videos.  Here is the newest one on how hand sanitizers kill germs.

                                                              Mystery Doug

Also, Scholastic Magazine has out some online resources if you are looking for extra activities for your children.  They offer preschool through ninth grade.  The activities are set up daily and after students have read an article they can complete some work in a variety of academic areas.

                                              Scholastic Learn from Home

Monday, March 23, 2020

What Does Maintenance Learning Look Like This Week

Dear Families and Students,

We know we are all trying to settle into a new routine for the next two weeks.  As teachers, we are working hard to learn all the ways we can access each other, our families and students through technology.  Please continue to reach out to us if you have any questions or any needs for your family.  We can work with you to help find the needed resources.  Together, we will get through this and be a stronger community!

The goal until April 6 is for maintenance learning for students.  That means we want to make sure students are still practicing all the skills and concepts they've been taught this year, but are not being required to do "new learning."  That'll start on April 6 (remotely) if we aren't back in school.  Everyone now has their learning bags and Chromebooks to access Google Classroom and other sites that students are already familiar with.

Here is an idea of how to use the materials in the bag and other programs, along with a sense of how much time to devote to each:
  • Cursive 10 min. a day (in bag)
  • Reading 30-45 min. a day (choice books already at home)
  • Word Study twice a week (in bag)
  • Math 15+ min. a day either through games (in bag) or eSpark
  • Check Google Classroom daily for updates from all teachers
  • Other Things to Work On: Flipgrid, Edutyping, and Listen to Class Read Aloud
Take care and stay healthy!
:) Marie and Tonya

Friday, March 20, 2020

Be Tick Smart!

A reminder from Nurse Hadley as we all start to venture outdoors a bit more this spring!

Tuesday, March 17, 2020

Familiar Sites for Working at Home

Here are some anytime go-to activities for students to work on while we are experiencing this school dismissal and distance learning.  Please reach out to your teacher if you need any help accessing these sites!  (We will likely keep updating this as we think of more lessons/activities.)

EduTyping:  This can be accessed via ClassLink or the "Student" section of the RES website.

Account ID:  cesuschools
Sign in with MMUUSD google account

eSpark:  Math and reading lessons, games and activities that we can tailor specifically to your child.  This can be accessed via Google Classroom.

 Online coding tutorials and "classes" available for free.  Many are able to be completed independently.  If you need a sign-in and don't remember it, check in with your teacher.

Other great websites:  Also includes games for addition and subtraction.

Friday, February 21, 2020

Coming Soon: Family STEAM Night

RES Family S.T.E.A.M. Night

Friday, March 6th, 6-7:30 pm

The Enrichment Program invites families to come learn together at our annual STEAM night. Families will participate in science, technology, engineering, art & math related activities and workshops. The PTO will be providing a snack table. This event is free, but donations to the Enrichment Program will be graciously accepted.

Here are some of the activities that will be available for families to do together:

  • Family Garden Planning with a local horticulturist, Hattie White from Apis Garden Coaching
  • Robotics with parent and STEM educator, Darcie Rankin
  • Make a kinetic sculpture mobile with a local artist, Keri Hess of Wabi Sabi Art Studio 
  • Stop motion animation - make a short film with Librarian, Emily Wood
  • Guided stargazing and telescope demo with the Vermont Astronomical Society
  • Outdoor Education with Vermont Audubon 
  • Cardboard Engineering Challenge with the Society of Women Engineers
  • Sustainable Energy & Electricity with Vermont Energy Education Program
  • Coding & math games - learn about & play logic and computer programing games.

Please email Enrichment Teacher, Harmony Roll at if you would like to help out with this event. Thank you in Advance!

Tuesday, February 18, 2020

Snow Motion Week 5

We've wrapped up our season on the slopes at Cochran's Ski Area -- another amazing year! 

A BIG HUGE Thank You to all of the folks who help make it happen!

Friday, February 14, 2020

Lost & Found

The Lost & Found is overflowing!  


Please stop by and check it out to look for:

  •  lonely mittens/gloves (38 ones looking for their partners, 13 pairs)
  • hats/neckwarmers/balaclavas (23)
  • snow pants (4)
  • boots/shoes (3 pairs) 
  • clothes (13 shirts/hoodies & 2 pairs of pants).  
Next Wednesday all the items will be on display outside the main entrance and anything not claimed will be disposed of or donated on Thursday.  Thank You!

Wednesday, February 12, 2020

TRY Lesson 6 -- Tree Jeopardy!

This week, we wrapped up our lessons with Ben, Finn & Will with the TRY program.

ClipArt From:

We reviewed all of the things we learned about: how valuable trees are, how to identify them, and ways to protect them.  Ask your child what was one thing new they learned in this class.

Tree Challenge:  Can you and your family plant a tree in your yard or community?  Learn more about how to choose a tree and where to plant it at

Saturday, February 1, 2020

Rescheduled: Global School Play Day 2020 #gspd2020

Due to the Snow Day, we have reschedule GSPD to Wednesday, February 12th!

RES Third Graders will be participating in Global School Play Day all day on Friday, February 7, 2020.   We'll be spending our entire day engaged in "unstructured" play -- board games, card games, building, making, creating, name it!  We won't be on technology!

Here's a quick TedX video on the decline of play:

So, on February 7th...students may bring (clearly labeled) board games, card games, dolls, blocks, trucks, cars, racetracks, empty boxes for building/creating, puzzles, blankets (for fort building!), and more!  If it doesn't use technology (computers/screens/apps), and it is appropriate for school, bring it!

We'll spend the day immersed in play...we can't wait!

Tuesday, January 28, 2020

Snow Motion Week 2

We were back to Cochran's today for another week of Snow Motion.  While the weather was MUCH warmer than last week, the snow conditions were a wee bit icy.  Nevertheless, we persevered!

TRY Lesson 4: Vermont Trees

Today we learned the basics on how to identify trees. We learned how to identify 5 Vermont tree species, based on leaf identification.

Ask your child what tree species they learned and how they can tell them apart.

Image from:

Tree Challenge: Try to identity the trees in your yard or neighborhood! Use the Arbor Day Foundation’s “What Tree is That” online tool found at

Friday, January 24, 2020

TRY #3: What do trees need?

Clipart Tree Images
Image From:
Lesson 3: What do trees need?

Ben, Finn & Will are back this week (Tuessday with Mrs. Girouard and Friday with Mrs. Ayer) to teach another lesson about trees.  This week's focus is all about what trees need:

This week, we learned what trees need to survive! Trees need space, water, nutrients, sunlight
and air.

At home, you could try a family Tree Craft: Search for tree crafts and create some tree art for your

Tuesday, January 21, 2020

Snow Motion -- Week #1

What a fantastic day to be on the mountain today...despite the cold temperatures!  We can't wait to return again next week! 

Just a reminder -- ski boots & helmets should come to school; ski & poles should be dropped off at Cochran's.  (It really does make it much faster for us to get off the bus and get onto the mountain!)

Photos from November & December

Just catching up from the end of the decade! Photos included in this slideshow include the following events at RES:

  • Financial Literacy with Community Bank
  • Author Visit with Diana Dunn
  • MMUUSD Literacy Coaching with 3rd Grade Teachers
  • SNOW!!
  • Mystery Oreos -- What is that mystery flavor?
  • Ice Skating (Thanks Mr. G!!)
  • Small Moment & Graphic Novel writing celebration
  • Mrs. Ayer's class leading the RES All School Meeting
  • Dance Party PBIS Celebration
  • Perimeter Exploration
  • Pillow Polo Tournament in PE
  • RES All School Holiday Sing-Along
  • And so much more!!


Thursday, January 16, 2020

NEW MMUUSD Curriculum Website

Great news!  After much time coordinating with our curriculum coaches and coordinators, our district now has a website for families to explore.  Check it out!

TRY Lesson 2: The Parts of Trees

Will, Ben and Finn from CHMS returned yesterday to teach our students about the parts of trees.  They even had the opportunity to create costumes and act out the life cycle of a tree!  You can read below to see more information about the lesson taught:

Lesson 2: What makes a tree, a tree? In our lesson today we learned what sets trees apart from other plants. Trees have three main parts: woody stem, crown and roots. We also discovered the life stages of trees. Ask your child what makes a tree a tree and have him or her show you their tree costume! Tree Challenge: Do you want to know what the tree in your backyard provides? Check out the tree benefits calculator to see the economic and ecological benefits of your tree. Visit to learn more!

Tuesday, January 7, 2020

Awesome Opportunity

Starting today, we have Ben, Will and Finn from CHMS teaching a science lesson to our class about trees and forests.  They are participating in the TRY (Teens Reaching Youth for the Environment) Program, through UVM Extension and 4-H.  They will be in every week through February break to teach a lesson to our students.  We are so excited to see former RES students take on this leadership role and to help support them grow as leaders.  Below you will find the overview of today's lesson so that you can connect with your child at home:
Finn, Ben & Will

Lesson 1: Why are trees important? 

Today we had our first lesson in the TRY for the Environment—Forests and Trees Program. TRY stands for Teens Reaching Youth and it is an environmental leadership program where teens teach younger youth about environmental responsibility. There are 6 lessons in this program and each one will help your child become a better environmental steward for our forest and trees.

This first lesson focused on how we value forests and trees for their aesthetic, cultural, ecological, economic, educational and recreational benefits.

Fact: Trees improve air quality, mitigate stormwater, provide shade and enhance aesthetic beauty, provide wildlife habitat, and increase property value. Visit to learn more about tree benefits.

Thursday, January 2, 2020

A timely reminder...sick or not?

Here's a timely reminder about when to stay home from school when you're feeling under the weather!  Questions: check in with Nurse Hadley!

Tuesday, November 12, 2019

Scenes from October 2019

Writing Celebration

Writing Clipart For Teachers - Writing A Book Clipart, Transparent Cartoons
Image Courtesy:

Let's CELEBRATE our third grade writers!

After the RES Thanksgiving Dinner (around 1:15 pm on Thursday, November 14th), families and friends are invited to third grade classrooms to read & revel in the small moment narrative & graphic novel stories that students have published this year!

We can't wait to share with you!

Tuesday, October 29, 2019

Unicef Boxes

Unicef boxes will be coming home with your child on Wednesday.  These are something that families can opt to do over the next few weeks.  Please read the piece below to see how the money is used.

Trick or Treat for UNICEF
Remember the orange box? The tradition of penny-by-penny philanthropy remains strong in our community. Please join your friends and neighbors and continue the “Trick-or-Treat for UNICEF” tradition in your family this year.

The trademark orange UNICEF boxes will be sent home with Richmond Elementary School children on Tuesday, October 30. Please look for them in your child's backpack.

After collecting change in the box while they “trick-or-treat for UNICEF”, children can return the box to RES, where the change will be counted and sent on to UNICEF, the United Nation Children’s Fund.

Boxes should be returned to RES by Friday, November 8.

Since 2007, philanthropic RES scholars and community members have raised $300-800 each year to support UNICEF’s work to help children around the world. Penny by penny, that money so joyfully collected was enough to vaccinate hundreds of children against polio or buy warm blankets to give to children in emergencies.

As a teacher, community member, or parent, you can help by stocking up with coins along with your candy and welcoming our young fundraisers with an encouraging contribution. Many thanks to Richmond community members who dug deep into their coin jars to contribute over the years. Many local businesses have also generously agreed to host orange boxes: look for them at the cash registers!

By Trick-or-Treating for UNICEF, kids learn the importance of helping others in need and are empowered to make a real difference at a time when there are so many challenges in the world.

What difference can a few pennies make?
$5 = Five days of food for a malnourished child
$15 = A year’s worth of clean safe water for a child
$30 = Measles protection for 100 kids
$100 = Malaria protection for 100 kids
$400 = A pump to give an entire village clean water.

For extra boxes or any other questions, contact Katherine Long @ 355-5830,

Monday, October 28, 2019

The Gift of Words!

Today, we were the lucky recipients of our very own dictionaries, courtesy of a service project by the folks of Beacon Light Grange (#557).   Students were thrilled to learn that they can now figure out how to spell the world's longest word (it takes up an entire page!), learn more about each of our country's presidents, and even find the multiplication tables in their dictionaries!  Students have the choice of bringing their dictionary home or leaving it at school...but certainly ASK about something cool they found in it today!

Thank you members of Beacon Light Grange!