Friday, September 12, 2014

Learning to Use a "Storyteller's Voice" #resvt #tcrwp

On Wednesday, 3rd graders welcomed a surprise guest to our classrooms during Writing Workshop: Superintendent Alberghini!  In our first writing unit, we are writing true, small moment stories and learning to use a "storyteller's voice" in our writing.  We want our readers to see a mental movie of our moment in their minds while they are reading our story.  Lucky for us, Mr. Alberghini is an expert storyteller and jumped at the chance to help us out!

Storytelling with Mr. A!


Even better, Mr. Berry was there to caption the entire story so that we'll be able to refer back to it as a "mentor text" throughout the year.  All students were eager to head back to class and get started writing (or continuing to write) their own small moment stories using their "storyteller's voice."

Thanks for the inspiration, Mr. Alberghini!  We can't wait until you return to tell us the muskrat story.

You can find a video of  Mr. Alberghini's story here.  And an interview about the story with Mr. Alberghini here.

And, the Tarrant Institute for Innovative Education at the University of Vermont heard about our storytelling special guest and wrote their own blog about it!  Check it out here on their blog: The power of transmedia storytelling.

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