Monday, September 18, 2017

Bar Graphs, Pictographs and Data!

A bar graph comparing two groups.

    Third graders started off the year in math learning to analyze data after creating bar graphs and pictographs.  They focused on describing and interpreting the data to compare groups and answer a question.  

Phrases to help students describe the data.

    This year, students were introduced Pictographs for the first time.  In pictographs, symbols represent the data.  Symbols represent more than one piece of data and the key lets the reader know the scale.

    As we move into our next unit on our number system, you can continue your child's learning of graphs at home.  Whenever you see graphs stop and read them together with your child.  Ask them some of the following questions:
What is this graph about?
Who was surveyed in this graph?
What question is being answered?
How can you describe the data?
What question could you ask?

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