Thursday, April 12, 2018

Ways to Support Your Child at Home with Math

      At this point in a third grader's math career, we are working on efficiency, precision and flexibility.  One area that can really hamper this goal is when a student isn't solid in their fact fluency.  Students that are automatic in their basic facts are more efficient when solving 3 and 4-digit problems in addition and subtraction and in solving multiplication and division problems.
      Fact fluency is something that students have been working on in a variety of ways throughout their years at RES.  The research shows that students that have mastered their facts can recall them in about 3 seconds.  Every student develops at their own pace and some need more time to achieve mastery.  So, we are giving you some ways to help support your child at home with the mastery of their basic facts.
    One way for this is to find time to go over flash cards with your child or to simply use that time in the car when you are driving to appointments or activities to call out facts for your child to answer.  Some students also need paper pencil to also learn them.  The following are some websites that you could use:

   Also, games are really a fun way for students to practice their facts.  This can be done with some games such as:
  • Snap It Up
  • Learning Resources Pop for Addition & Subtraction Game
  • Math Dice by Thinkfun
  • Flip It
  • Learning Resources tri-FACTa Multiplication & Division Game
  • Learning Resources tri-FACTa Addition & Subtraction Game
Finally, our district no longer uses FASTT Math, but instead uses MobyMax.  This is a great site that we customize for each student.  They log into it through our RES website and then type in their passwords.  Students would benefit from logging into this program at least three times a week at home.

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