Sunday, January 24, 2016

Brave, Bold Opinions #tcrwp

We've embarked on a new Writing Unit of Study...writing our opinions in order to change the world!  Alas, before we get too carried away, we're trying our hand at small, little changes in our local world -- RES.

So, after a class conversations about little changes we'd like to see to make RES a better place, we struck out to write mini-speeches in order to convince Mr. Berry to see our side of the issue.  At the end of our first class, Mr. Berry happened upon our classroom and listened in on our opinions, and even gave us some excellent advice to make our speeches even stronger!

We think that the RES Cafe should have breakfast as a lunch option more often!

After listening to Mr. Berry's sage advice, we put the finishing touches on our speeches and sent them off with Mr. Berry to give to Chef James...


We're anxiously awaiting Chef James' thoughts on the subject...stay tuned!
UPDATE January 25:

Chef James stopped by to check in with us regarding our speeches about more breakfast.  We were quite pleased to hear Chef say that we have convinced him to not only offer breakfast more often, but to also offer more choices when breakfast is served for lunch!!  Woohoo!

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