Friday, February 6, 2015

Ramona's World

Jan.27 2015
Aaahhh…..Went the noise of Ramona’s baby sister Roberta’s screaming.
She was stuck in a Kitty Condo (Which is a furry box that cats like to hang out in.)
because like her sister Ramona she was silly and she did silly things a lot. Ramona was cat sitting for her best friend Daisy.
Ramona used to have a cat when she was little named Picky-Picky, but he died, and she missed having a cat around.
Ramona’s 9 and in 4th grade.
This book is called Ramona’s World written by: Beverly Cleary.
Ramona is very silly like I said before, for example: She thinks that her teacher is mean because she made Ramona do spelling when she’s bad at it.
Ramona is also silly she thinks that people don’t like her and she thinks that because she made a sheet to tell her teacher (because Ramona doesn’t know anything about her teacher and her teacher doesn’t know anything about Ramona.) about herself and she got some words wrong, and her teacher Mrs. Meacham was putting her words that she got wrong on the whiteboard and her teacher was saying that she wouldn’t want people to think she was writing things other people wouldn’t understand what she was saying, for example: Mrs.Meacham said you wouldn’t want someone to think that you were on a coach instead of a couch which she wrote, and everybody was laughing at her and Ramona thought that Mrs. Meacham did that on purpose so everyone would laugh at her because she didn’t like her.

And this is only 2 examples about how Ramona is silly even though most of the book is about all kinds of funny things that everyone does!
So if you like funny books with silly people in them read Ramona’s World or any of the books with Ramona in them like…..
Ramona the Pest, or Ramona the Brave, or maybe Ramona Forever, or Ramona Quimby age 8, there are much more books that Beverly Cleary writes with Ramona in them, so these are only a few of them.           
So in conclusion, I think that if you like books with funny characters you should read Ramona’s World. And these are my reasons on how Ramona Quimby is silly, so if you like  books with people that are silly you should read Ramona’s World.
Written By:

Zoe R.

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  1. This was a great post overall. I liked that you included other books by the other as well as the one that you are recommending. That made me want to think more about getting into the story of this character. You lead in was a good hook as well. You definitely put some serious thought into this post!