Friday, February 6, 2015

The Panda Puzzle

January 27, 2015
Do you like books that have kids that solve mysteries?
Well the book I am going to tell you about is called The Panda Puzzle by Ron Roy. And it has three kids that solve mysteries!The three kids names are Dink, Ruth Rose and Josh. In the book they go to panda park together. In panda park the day before they went a new baby panda arrived. The next day when they did go to panda park the mother panda ran out of the cave and banged on the fence BANG! And the kids did not know why she banged on the fence.Then when everybody left the kids found a fishing knife and an alarm clock.And they found the fishing knife lying in the bamboo in the panda cage. Then they knew somebody stole the baby panda!Because the baby panda was gone! And they wanted to find out the mystery of the stolen baby panda.And who stole it.    

I think Ruth Rose is good at finding clues Like when they found a fishing knife lying in the bamboo.And she does not give up because in the book she really wanted to find out who stole it. And I think Josh tells little jokes.And he does not like to watch his little brothers. And Dink keeps track of things they find. Like when they ask Flip some questions and Dink wrote it down in his notebook. Flip is a character who they think stole the baby panda. And he makes health shakes.   

I also think you should read the book to find out who stole the baby panda.And I think you will like this book because you might like books that have mysterious characters.  

I like mystery books because they have surprises.And they are mysterious. Find out who stole the baby panda in the book the Panda Puzzle by Ron Roy. HAPPY READING! By     Ava!


  1. Ava,
    I agree with you. I like mysteries also because of the surprises! Being surprised makes the book fun to read because you just never know what might happen. When you wrote BANG in all capitals it showed me how loud the bang was and probably how important that part was.

  2. I agree with the other comment. I really liked when you described the loud BANG. That really helped me understand the moment and want to know more. Your transitions were well thought out as well. Nicely done.